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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

If you are new to The More Movement Crew welcome! For those of you who are not new welcome back fam! Throughout my journey as a Lupus Survivor I have struggled to maintain my health. Since being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease I have found myself recovering physically, mentally and spiritually. This blog will share my experiences as I grow in all three areas. Some of my blogs will be about natural health remedies I have learned about, some on ways God helps me preserve my mental state and what my thought process is (which could be a wild place) or what God has shared with me over the years concerning wellness and most importantly purpose.

After the release of my book in 2019 (which is available for purchase on this website and on Amazon) and the start of my podcast. I was flooded with so many ideas. The birth of a new business fueled my thoughts in so many directions. As a creative, I am always thinking of ways to create the things swirling in my mind. My thoughts move from ideas of making documentaries that share unique and incredible stories, to inventions that help to make the world a better place. With the emergence of new inspiration came this divine passion for health and discovering new ways to exceed my goals through natural foods and solutions.

Due to acute kidney and lung failure I had to redefine what habit needed to change not only to survive but to actually LIVE. Two different things. Having to reducing the amount of sodium intake and increasing my daily water amount would now become a way of life. These health scares led my doctor to recommend chemotherapy by way of a drug called Cytoxan. Knowing the affects of this drug could have on my body made me fearful and I declined. As my body continued to shutdown I was left with no other choice. I still remember the day I looked up at my family and friends and asked them if I should take the treatment. The mental battle that took place knowing that I had to make a choice to sacrifice my fertility to save my life is still as painful when I think about it today. No one could make the decision for me.....I asked God for an answer. I was confident that he could heal but I questioned would he do it for me so that I didn't have to take the medication? As my condition continued to worsen I concluded these things:

  1. God is in control no matter what decision I make

  2. I am not God and cannot determine how he chooses to heal me

  3. If it is his will for me to be a mother than that is what I will be

Those conclusions I still carry with me to this day. After recovering from chemotherapy (through pills) for six months my body had become one that I had to re-learn. My body felt different, I had the chills, couldn't eat and couldn't grow body hair. Prior to treatment I became interested in natural health alternatives and wanted to discover ways to restore my health through plants and foods that came from the earth and began experimenting with green smoothies, vitamin supplements, oils, different types of exercise.

Fast forward to six years later here I am. A FULL BLOWN PLANTBASED EATER! Crazy right? It didn't happen overnight but my goal has been the same since I started and that is to no longer have to take medication and only visit the doctors for routine check ups. My journey has led to the use of natural products ranging from soaps, oils and herbal treatments for pains and inflammation. Everyday I learn something new and gain a new alternative to add to my collection. I will share all of those things with you! Yep, and for free. For me it was important to share what I have tried and encourage readers to be open to trying new things that can save money and help you live a healthy life that is full of peace.

There is no better time than NOW!

With the unrest around the world and the threat of COVID 19, holistic wellness is imperative. We must work to maintain our mental, spiritual and physically health more than ever. I pray that this blog will inspire you to take your own journey to striving for a healthier you! Hosea 4:6 states my people are destroyed lack of knowledge. I believe this is relevant to how we seek out information about ways to strengthen and maintain our bodies. We must be responsible for our temples because they were designed by God and because without our health everything else suffers including our purpose. Join me as I continue the pursuit of wellness.

Thank you for take the time to read this blog until next time remember to LIVE ON PURPOSE.

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